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Language classes

14.09.2023 - Artikel

What documents do I need?

NOTE: Please do not staple or fold any documents.
The submission of complete documents does not constitute a claim to the issue of a visa, but enables the visa office to check the legal requirements. In individual cases, further documents not mentioned here may also be required. You will be informed about this after the application has been submitted and will be given a reasonable period of time to submit them.

In general:

Please fill in the online application form for each applicant and print it out from here: https://videx-national.diplo.de/ From the age of 18 you sign the form yourself; in the case of children the parent or legal guardian sign it.

You pay the visa fee at the visa section in cash. Change cannot be given. The fee is usually 75,00 Euro; for children from 0 to 17 years: usually 40,00 Euro.

Please submit a passport for each applicant. The passport(s) must be valid and there have to be at least two empty pages. Please also submit a copy of the passport data page(s) (page with photo and validity dates) for each family member.

One passport photo for each applicant. The photo must be biometric and not older than 6 months. They must be 35 x 45 millimetres. You can find more information on biometric photos here.

Please fill in, print out and sign the address confirmation and e-mail consent.

After your application has been processed, we will send your passport and other original documents via UPS to the indicated address.

WARNING: If your (e-mail-)addresses change during the application procedure, please inform us immediately. Otherwise, we can not ensure that your documents or important information with regard to your application reach you.

If available: Turkish residence permit or visa. Please submit the original document and one copy. If you have a residence permit, please copy front and back side.

Additional documents:

It must consist of at least 18 lessons per week. The certificate must include the exact number of hours per week, the duration of the language course and the level of knowledge that can be achieved with the course, as well as the latest date of participation

Proof of full payment for the language course

If the language course does not start with A1.

  • Proof of academic achievements
  • Diplomas
  • Proof of occupation after school / university graduation
  • Confirmation from the employer that knowledge of German language is required for your further professional development, including details of the employment period, position and monthly earnings in the company

Currently you must have at least 1027 euros net per month at your disposal. The following options are equally available:

  • Payment of a security deposit into a blocked account in Germany
  • Submission of a declaration of commitment in accordance with §§ 66-68 of the Residence Act, which has been submitted to a German aliens authority. The declaration of commitment must contain the note „creditworthiness proven“ and the indication of the purpose of residence

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