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National visas for non-Turkish citizens


Long-term (national) visas for stays of more than 90 days for non-Turkish citizens.

We explicitly caution against using the services of visa agencies and non-official websites. Please only use the official information on our website and the websites that we refer to here. Our only partners are the iDATA company and the International Organization for Migration (IOM-FAP).

How can I start working in Germany?

Germany welcomes international skilled workers from all over the world. We are happy to advise you on your opportunities to work and live in Germany. Find out more about professions in demand, the recognition of your qualifications, starting a business, research and job search on Make-it-in-Germany.

When can I apply as a non-Turkish citizen in Türkiye?

You can apply for a national visa at the German visa sections in Türkiye without Turkish citizenship if your permanent residence is in Türkiye. This means that the main focus of your life is in Türkiye. It is not sufficient to have a Turkish residence permit or shares in a Turkish company and live elsewhere. Permanent residence is usually established by living in Türkiye uninterruptedly for at least 6 months without longer stays in another country at the date of your visa application. Permanent residence is also established without a stay of 6 months minimum if you have a long-term right of residence in Türkiye (i.e. as a registered refugee or with a residence permit for family reunion). The Turkish short-term residence permit (“Kisa Dönem / Short Term”) – even if issued for 6 months or longer - does not establish permanent residence. In this case, the directive mentioned above for a stay of 6 months minimum applies. Please provide proof of permanent residence in Türkiye when applying for your visa.

Where can I apply?

Non-Turkish foreign nationals having their permemant residence in Türkiye can only apply for national visas at the visa section of the Consulate General in Istanbul.

How can I book an appointment?

If your family member in Germany has subsidiary protection status (subsidiärer Schutz): Please register for family reunion here. Currently, due to the high demand waiting times of more than two years arise. Please wait for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM-FAP) to contact you.

If you have only Syrian citizenship and your family member in Germany holds German citizenship, refugee status, long-term residence permit (“Niederlassungserlaubnis”) or another residence permit not based on subsidiary protection, please register for family reunion online with our external service provider iDATA here.

In all other cases, please regsister online with our external service provider iDATA here.

For the appointment booking, iDATA charges a fee of 7,80 euros.

Which documents do I need?

The required documents depend on the purpose of your planned stay. There are many sub-categories of national visas with different prerequisites. If you are not sure for which of these categories you should apply, you can try our Visa Navigator






For work visas as an artist or au-pair, for a voluntary service, internship, recognition of your foreign qualifications, self-employment or research and all other national visa categories please prepare your documents according to the information sheets on national visas for Turkish citizens (German/Turkish).

How do I apply for the visa?

In most cases you can only submit your application directly at the visa section. Please come on time and in person to your appointment. Each family member applying for a visa must be there in person. The staff at the visa section speaks Arabic, English, German or Turkish. If you do not speak any of these languages very well, you must bring an interpreter with you.

It has also become possible to submit your visa application for certain visa purposes directly with our external service provider iDATA. Applicants for family reunion visas with persons of subsidiary protection status (subsidiärer Schutz) in Germany submit their applications directly at IOM-FAP Istanbul.

You will receive the information where to file your application after booking an appointment. If you can submit your application at iDATA or IOM-FAP, you will pay the visa fee (and for iDATA a service fee additionally) and submit all documents there. Your application will be forwarded to the visa section. iDATA or IOM-FAP do not have any influence on the decision of any visa application.

How long do I have to wait?

After the visa section has undertaken a first check of your application and if all documents are complete (otherwise you will be informed), the necessary authorities in Germany will be consulted, depending on the planned visa purpose. The visa section cannot influence the processing periods at these authorities. The table below provides an overview of the usual processing periods:

Visa purpose Processing period, starting as soon as documents are complete
Family reunion 10-12 weeks
Employment without a pre-approval (“Vorabzustimmung”) issued by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) – except for Blue Card EU, researchers and guest scientists 4 weeks
Studies (without scholarship) 5-12 weeks
Language classes (if not connected to university studies) 10-12 weeks
Recipients of scholarships, researchers, guest scientists, Blue Card EU, other employment with a pre-approval (“Vorabzustimmung”) issued by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) 4 weeks

As soon as we have taken a decision regarding your application, you will receive your passport together with all original documents you submitted and the final decision.

Information how to pick up your passport or how to have it sent back to you will be available during your visa appointment. If your application had to be denied, you will receive a written notification explaining the main reasons for this decision together with your passport. The rejection letter will also contain information on possible legal rights of appeal.

Can I apply for asylum?

The German missions abroad are not authorized to grant asylum. An application for asylum can only be filed with the responsible authorities in Germany.

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